Lebanon 2018

Lebanon 2018

  Benefits of GCF Sponsorship

          . First, the resilience of adolescent self-esteem has been improved: The youth who have lost their self-esteem in the word ‘refugee’ are now able to recover and find their dreams. There have been several cases in which the attitudes of young people have changed completely since they came to the center.

            Second, young people who have lived as Muslims learn about the sacrifice and salvation of Christ as eternal life while learning the word of God.

            Next, while taking on the roles as assistant teachers, the youth’s social and leadership skills develop over time. With the added job security, they also learn self-confidence unlike most part-time workers at farms or other workplaces.

            Last, as we study the word of God, our vision and goals are being renewed. A lot of other youths see the youths of the program as positive role models and are now eager to participate.