Malaysia 2018

Malaysia 2018

Thanks to your devoted sponsorship.  Numerous children have been saved and are receiving a prosperous education here in Malaysia.  We are pleased to announce that three of our orphaned children were recently admitted to college despite the odds and circumstances they faced.

I briefly tell you the benefits of sponsorship for the second half ministry.

  1. Orphanage ministry

There were a total of 26 orphans with 17 males and 9 females. (The number of orphans is expected to increase due to the detention of both parents’ drug sales and cultivation.)

We were able to grant the children health and hygiene by providing them nutritious foods, such fruits and vegetables, along daily necessities, such as clothing and school supplies.

  1. Resolve orphanages

We were able to renovate the typhoon-stricken orphanage building so that it can now be a comfortable and accommodating space for the children and teachers to stay safely.

  1. Local children’s food problems

Unanimous volunteer visitors provided free lunches, school supplies, and other necessities every week.

  1. Local child care (insufficient families)

The primitives in Oran Asli are ethnic minorities who are mainly living in jungle areas in Malaysia. We built a shelter for children whose parents are in jail or are fugitives because they were selling and planting drugs. Because of these short-term circumstances, these children were unable to be admitted to receive child care in formal facilities, so we take care of three to five children every week.

  1. Kindergarten ministry

Newly renovated classrooms were built to facilitate the sharing of school supplies and other daily necessities due to the poor educational environment in the jungle area and the lack of educational facilities for younger children.

I deeply appreciate the Global Children Foundation.  We will continue to be delighted to have a great year with all the students, teachers, and NGO members.

Thank you,

Kyung-Gun Lee

Missionary in Malaysia