Guatemala: Quetzaltenango 2018

Guatemala: Quetzaltenango 2018

Benefits of Sponsorship-Guatemala                                            

We sincerely appreciate your support from the Global Children Foundation.  We have been preaching the gospel for children in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, since 2015. Guatemalan children suffering from financial problems have finally gained vision and a good outlook on life thanks to the GCF since their prayers have been answered by God. It truly became a great testimony for us all.


As a continuation of our ministry work, we have been having two lunches each week at two schools in the two most poverty-stricken towns in the region. An average of 100 children each week are provided with free meals with a total of 2200 meals over the last 20 weeks. Children not only began to earn better grades in school, but they also started becoming more involved in Sunday school at church. We are enormously thankful that our pioneered church is now brimming with children from all over town.


Once again, we sincerely thank the Global Children Foundation. We are committed to strengthening our mission work with joy-filled hearts and we continue to pray for the encouragement of the young souls of Guatemala so that they may grow up as Jesus-like children before the Lord.  


Thank you.

Missionary Yong Joon and Jae-Sook Choi from Guatemala