Meals and Snack Time for Kids

As school starts early here, most children who come from distant do not have time to eat breakfast. Students who live far and with disabilities have a difficult environment. We provided snacks in the middle of the morning class and lunches after class, with the donations we received. The students could go to school in a better nutrition without starvation.


Computer desk and student chair, desk replacement


Students are getting bigger and bigger each year. Chairs and desks that were purchased in the past are either big or small. Children with disabilities were not in a good sitting posture due to using desks and chairs that do not fit. So, I first replaced the computer room desks and chairs, and senior students’ desks and chairs. Students and teachers are satisfied because students can study in a more proper posture.


Textbook purchase


Until recently, INESEM special-education school did not have textbooks for children with disabilities. Teachers referred to the internet or other materials and used class handouts printed in black and white. There is no big difference in other regions. It was difficult to understand the general level of students when taught with copied handouts without any special textbooks. So we bought textbooks with the donation received. These textbooks are not for a special school but for a general school, and they are for a lower grade which is similar to the level of a child with a mental retardation. Nonetheless, through the use of textbooks, we were able to determine the general level of learning for students. Therefore, teachers are able to provide instruction at different levels. Parents of children with disabilities also receive guidance for home schooling by sharing books, and linking school and home learning is also taking place.