Central African Republic 2019

Central African Republic 2019

• Feeding the children

We have provided meals to children who are in need. These children have lost their parents in the war and now are living with their relatives, or their families are so poor that they cannot afford to eat properly.

Children who are in stable housing tend to be more focused on their studies and are able to learn proper societal manners and behaviors. These children are now able to have balance mentally, physically and in their health, and have brighter faces every day. The children without stabling housing, those who live with their relatives can come once a week to have a meal, but they wish to live with the group instead.

• Sand Play Healing

They are able to express themselves in a warm and safe environment through sand play, and this play helps them improve their studies at school. After playing they are served snacks or a meal, so they are able to experience someone’s love.