Bangladesh Ulipur Region Feeding Project for Starving Children Report (2017.1.1-4.30)



Dear Loving Mothers,


I hope that you are in good health and would like to send my gratitude. My family is doing well. My name is Mittu and I am a ninth grader at Ulipur School.

My father is a poor farmer and there are eight members in my family. Only my sister and I go to school as my father’s income does not allow all my brothers and sisters to study and eat. For that reason, I came to school almost every day without food. But now, thanks to the love mothers send me, I am so grateful to have a meal every day.

Thank you and pray that God will continue to bless you, mothers.

Please pray for us to be able to help the people in need and to be with them always.


Your beloved daughter,



On a day without classes…, Children really miss the school meals that they can eat till they are full. 


Thank you so much for providing plenty of food.

We will eat delicious food with thanksgiving and study hard.