Children in the Mindor Island, Philippines

Global Children Foundation Report


Benefits of Global Children Foundation Contribution

We are very grateful to Global Children’s Foundation for helping the children of Mindoro Island, Philippines, who have been severely hit by the typhoon. First of all, we were able to share food with 464 local children (infant/kindergarten 178, elementary 286) regularly.

A strong typhoon blew up in this area in 100 years, and children’s houses and agricultural fields have all disappeared, making it the most difficult to eat. With the help of the Global Children’s Foundation, we have been very helpful to the local children’s nutrition in the last few months (three times a week). In addition, medical care was provided for the health status of local children and the treatment and medicines were supplied (fever reducer, ointment, parasitic drug, etc.) to cover important tasks that the government could not fulfill. Supporting the school supplies needed for studying, shoes, and clothing, it helped the children who were in trouble. We also built a nest for a child who lost his home in a typhoon, prepared a temporary kitchen to feed the kids, and bought equipment to distribute food and did not know how much the villagers liked. Thank you once again to the Global Children’s Foundation staff and supporters who have helped the village face difficulties.

Major ministry and financial report

1) Local children feeding ministry
Three times a week regular feeding (for children who have suffered from typhoon / February 10, 2017 to May 04, 2017) 31 times * 150 people * 1.2 dollars = 5,580 dollars

2) Buy feeding equipment 263 dollars

3) Children’s shoes (slippers) support 300 pairs* 4 dollars = 1,200 dollars

4) Temporary Feeding Center (kitchen, office building) 980 dollars

5) Food storage refrigerator purchase 250 dollars

6) Educational TV purchase 330 dollars

7) Medical ministry for the children of the village (drug, medical staff transportation expenses) 428 dollars

8) Children’s school supplies, clothing support 1,000 dollars (250 people * 4 dollars)

9) Support for building a house for a child affected by typhoon 500 dollars (Wood material cost)


Age, Gender, Number of Beneficiaries (464)

1) Age and Number of children (Infant/Kindergarten 178, Elementary 286)

Infants (0-3 years old) 87

Pre-K/Kinder (4-6 years old) 91

1st grade (7 years old) 56

2nd grade (8 years old) 59

3rd grade (9 years old) 44

4th grade (10 years old) 43

5th grade (11 years old) 46

6th grade (12 years old) 38

2) Gender (473 students)

Infant/Kindergarten 178 / Male-97, Female-81

Elementary 286 / Male -152, Female-134