Guatemala: Quetzaltenango

Guatemala: Quetzaltenango

Guatemala Quetzaltenango 2017 First Half Activity Report

It was an overflow of grace and thanks to start 2017 with a little more extended support as well as to be able to offer various benefits unlike the past ministry, which was a bit of regret, for the children of hungry poor families with GCF, centered around the church of Ichthus. Thanks to mothers who have joined us in our patronage and showed the love and compassion for the poor and the marginalized. We are grateful that our eyes have seen farther and deeper, and we look forward to a better future with hope.


Support for 40 children with disabilities and with single mom in extreme poverty

We could provide the very basic food to each of these 40 families, which live with less than 100 dollars of monthly income, one half to pay for one bedroom rent and the other half for living expenses.

Sponsorship of pediatric physician and psychotherapist counseling

There are many children who have physical and emotional problems as a consequence of tough life pressed for eating and living. Autistic children who cannot speak even if they are over 4 years old and cannot cry even if they are alone in the room. A boy with developmental disability who spend most of the day on the bed. A child who is over the age of six but unable to even walk or talk. There are more than 10 families with such a problem, and half of the children in the sponsoring family have emotional problems although mild. Pediatric consultation and psychological counseling were conducted. A pediatrician visited the clinic with a blood test to find out whether there was any anemia due to malnutrition or other diseases. We could prescribe vitamins and necessary medications based on the consultation.

Children and teens free lunch on the street (Saturday morning)

There are many people who came from nearby mountain villages to find jobs. Every week, there are about 60-70 children and youth who are caught by the police and sent back here after barely smuggling into the United States via Mexico to save the family at the risk of one´s life. Immigration police will take care of the Mexican border for three days and turn away.


May 12th, 2017

From Guatemala Quetzaltenango
Sincerely, Missionary K