Peru_Sister Yeongju Koo 2020

Peru_Sister Yeongju Koo 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus infection, it was not possible to operate a free children’s luncheon this year, unlike usual.

This was because the children living in Caserio ‘Brisas de Avangai’ were unable to cross the river and led an isolated life, and we had to stop all activities with the children.

So, we continued to operate the Children’s Lunch Center by delivering food to each child once a month.

The support offered by the Global Children’s Foundation has given us hope that the world will be with us, even more than ever, especially for the Amazon children suffering from dengue fever, in addition to COVID-19.

Due to the extreme circumstances caused by the pandemic—including price surges, unstable economy, and lockdown—those who make day-to-day income have been facing starvation.

However, on the day of distribution provided by the families of the Global Children’s Foundation, the residents of Caserio and their children seemed to forget all these difficult realities and were able to spend a time of joy carrying the food delivered to them on the ferry.