Kenya_Jeongdo Lee 2023

Kenya_Jeongdo Lee 2023

Located far from the city, Enkeresuna Primary School faces a low awareness of the importance of education among the local community. Issues arise in conversations with teachers, highlighting the occasional neglect of children’s education by parents. Nevertheless, the positive impact of the school’s meal program is likely contributing to the sustained attendance. The porridge (Ugali) provided by our school is gradually increasing the number of children, creating an environment for stable attendance and systematic education. The school is evolving beyond a simple rural school, and the enthusiasm for education among teachers is on the rise. Through these changes, there is a gradual shift in the perception of parents.  Recently, a student had to go to the city for surgery due to a lump on their head. However, the examination revealed that the surgery couldn’t proceed due to malnutrition. After a month of treatment, the child underwent a successful surgery and recovered. This incident made us realize how crucial GCF’s meal support is. Thanks to this support, children can grow healthily and continue their education, and we express our gratitude.



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