USA:Navajo_Namjong Lee 2023

USA:Navajo_Namjong Lee 2023

Arizona is one of the states in the United States with one of the lowest education levels, and the Navajo region, in particular, faces extremely challenging educational environments, making it difficult for children to find hope. Even after COVID, the number of malnourished and foster children has increased, leaving many children in a situation where they cannot have proper meals.

However, thanks to the continuous support from GCF, children attending the Saturday tutoring classes have been able to create an environment where they can eat two meals, breakfast and lunch, freely and concentrate on their studies. These efforts have not only led to improvements in academic performance but also had a significant impact on the emotional growth of the children.

GCF’s sponsorship goes beyond simply providing meals to malnourished children; it plays a crucial role in instilling dreams for the future and fostering confidence in Navajo children. These changes are proving to be instrumental in shaping a brighter future.

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