Uganda 2018

Uganda 2018

Joy Uganda

Friendship Village is a community of people originally abandoned by society due to their high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Currently, 136 families populate the village. A long time ago, an international NGO started to build a house for them, which eventually led to the community it is now. However, most of the people living in the village are single mothers who live alone or orphans who live with their friends. Many of them are disabled people. Even though the housing problem has been resolved, there are still many households without a steady income. Most of them have difficulties in feeding and educating their children. Under these circumstances, the following decisive contributions have been made over the past six months through the Friendship Village Meal and Education Support Project partnered by the Global Children Foundation.


  1. Extreme poverty in the village has been gradually being improved due to the ongoing support of the feeding ministry.

  1. The elementary school in the village was closed, but we were able to reopen the school so that we could have educated students along with the feeding ministry.

Missionary Hong Duk Kim