Tanzania_2 2019

Tanzania_2 2019

There is a very poor and small village in East Africa called 팡 가웨하.

Even though they may be physically poor, they are beautiful people with souls who seek truth in life, who never lose their smiles.

Little children here may be hungry physically but their hearts are all full of dreams of the new world.

The meals that are provided thanks to GCF may seem little but it affects their lives in such a huge way to the children and the students.

For that one meal, many children gather together.

Because of the free meals provided by the donations from GCF, our church is one with many children.

There has even been a blessing of 14 people getting baptized. We are all so full of gratitude for you.

Because of your huge help, children and students gain strength, and that strengthens our mission work here. I cannot help but to pray constantly in gratitude.

I pray for the Lord’s love and mercy to be with every single one of you, working hard as members of GCF.