Haiti 2018

Haiti 2018

Hello All,

Greetings from Haiti.  We applaud and send our sincerest gratitude to you for your devotion in supporting the Haitian orphanage.  


Thanks to the tremendous support from the Global Children Foundation, a thriving number of children from seven orphanages are growing up with the ability to attend school with bright faces. They are being granted the opportunity to receive an education just like any other ordinary children in the world.


In the past, it was challenging to overlook the dark, lean faces of the orphans. By the way now, I can say with great pride that they have become more polite, study harder, and demonstrate decent nutritional status expected. Your support is not just a great tool but also a profound comfort for us because it has become a constant reminder that someone on the other side is always caring for our needs with the best of intentions. The grief of the loss of the children’s parents is subsiding and the whisperings of hope are being echoed in their hearts now that they no longer have to worry about when their next meal will arrive.  


We deeply appreciate your love and support for these underprivileged and impoverished children. These Haitian children will grow up triumphantly so that they may give glory to the Lord through studying and prayer. We bless you all for working together so that more wounded hearts may be healed through Him.