Tanzania_Missionary Hyungnam Kwon 2020

Tanzania_Missionary Hyungnam Kwon 2020

Abdala, who was unable to be admitted to a public middle school, appeared pitiful to me at that time.

Thus, I wanted to provide him an opportunity to pursue an education, and I gave him a chance to study at a private school.

This school was located in a rural area, so I did not have many expectations about his academic performance. Likewise, I felt the same for the other children.

In fact, I was unable to have any expectations. In the countryside, there was no electricity, and it took around an hour to reach school by bike.

Thus, I assumed that the children would be unable to study, especially given the limited resources. Instead, my only wish was that the children would grow up well, abiding by faith.

However, contrary to my expectations, they all were admitted to college—not just any college, by Darsalem University, the best university in Tanzania, and other top 5 colleges in Tanzania.

This was such a proud moment! We all shed tears and prayed a prayer of gratitude, celebrating the amazingness and wonderfulness of the Lord’s work.