Haiti_2 2020

Haiti_2 2020

Starting from the 3rd week of March 2020, the world has been closed due to COVID-19.

Our Akka school found it very difficult to operate normally during the spring semester due to the pandemic.

Every day, our children go to the ditches to draw water. However, the water in these ditches are dirty, and fresh, clean water is not available here.

Yet, these young children have to travel a long way to find a ditch, carrying the heavy water on their small heads. To provide water for these children, we dug a 120m deep well, installed a generator to retrieve clean water, and developed a water distribution system.

In addition, for young children with very weak immunity, we distributed masks for these children because they can be easily exposed to the coronavirus.

The ministry also decided to distribute rice to village children who can’t even eat one meal a day.


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