Nicaragua 2018

Nicaragua 2018

Benefits of Sponsorship-Nicaragua

The project is being carried out in a town of 420 children with 720 households. It is a poverty-stricken village that was forced to migrate due to the devastating earthquake that occurred in the vicinity of Managua, Nicaragua, on December 23, 1972. The average monthly income per household in this village is about C$3,000 (Nicaraguan Córdobas), which is about $100 U.S. dollars. These insufficient monetary funds have resulted in severe deficiencies elsewhere amongst the townspeople such as starvation and malnutrition.

Given the problematic situations in these villages, we have determined that what we need  is a long-term hunger solution by raising income sources and establishing a foundation for self-reliance amongst the townsfolk. Based on these circumstances, we started a piglet pre-sale project to help impoverished families raise piglets in the village free of charge. The goal will be for the people in town to be able to earn additional income by raising their own piglets which will then be used as a major income to relinquish starvation issues and establish self-reliance.

We have already piloted a piglet project by pre-arranging 45 families in 2017 prior to the official start date in 2018. Since then we were convinced that the household incomes of the families participating in the project have improved. On top of that, we were able to supply quality, nutrient-rich foods to the children of the town by regularly butchering pigs.

With a contribution of $11,000 from GCF, two piglets and $50 worth of pasturage can be provided to each family with a total distribution to 100 families in 2018. Based on a survey conducted by missionary Taejin Park and site manager Marta, the families that are raising the pigs are fully satisfied and grateful to the GCF for sponsoring this project.

Furthermore, young piglets usually take 6 months or longer to be slaughtered. Thus, the piglets distributed in June this year will be sold as hogs in December or early next year. We have no doubts that these will prove to be great assets to the households of the local village.

In addition, we included photographs of the local families participating in this ministry project and how the piglets are being bred through pilot projects.

Missionary Tae-Jin Park from Nicaragua