Mexico_Missionary Seungseok Kim 2020

Mexico_Missionary Seungseok Kim 2020

2020 Has been an unbelievably difficult year! Beside the devasting impact of Covid 19 on the whole world, we have also experience one of the mostdevasting years of natural disaster due to rain and hurricanes.

However, through yourfaithfulness at GCF we have been able to serve our community and keep the HOPE alive!

Even though our budget was cut in half we were so encouraged by your faithful donation and support instead of cutting down on our program we actually are serving more children than ever.

Although we have 75 children officially signed up, we have been cooking and feeding over 110 children daily!

The hope through GCF’s feeding initiative has helped our children dream about a different future!

This year we had a record 5 students accepted and begin studying at the university level!

Incredible!We pray that you will be encouraged by the fruits that your love is bearing here in the Yucatan.

We pray that you will not tired in loving and feeding hungry children around the world!

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