Brazil_ChulKi Kim 2022

Brazil_ChulKi Kim 2022

Thanks to GCF Grants, 74 children and their families from the Amazon Black River are getting food packages worth $25 each month ,consisting of rolled oats, milk flour. whole nest milk and traditional Cremogema which is essential for their diet.

Before handing out food each month, we measure heights and weights so you can easily check how children are developing.
   1st.  Looking at the developmental status of the 74 people, there was no significant change in the first two months.

   2nd. There is a change in the appearance of children receiving food, children’s faces are bright and healthy.
   3rd.   The children attending church services every Sunday are better in learning the word of God .
   4th.   Children who receive foodlearn to thank God and have a heart to help those in need later.

A heartfelt thanks to GCF to help feed and educate 74 children in Amazon Brazil

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