Liberia_Jaekyung Ko 2023

Liberia_Jaekyung Ko 2023

For children, mealtime is a joyful occasion and plays a crucial role in their educational development. Initially, we started providing meals once a week, and though the process was not without challenges, it was profoundly meaningful. Through these meals, children can have at least one worry-free meal per week, significantly impacting their health and growth.

By offering a balanced diet, including animal protein, we are improving the physical development of the children. Additionally, we have established dining rooms and tables to teach meal etiquette. Children now sit at tables, use spoons for their meals, drink from individual cups, and assist in dishwashing and cleaning afterward. These activities instill a sense of responsibility and independence in the children.

Meal days bring joy and happiness to the children. For their health, we provide deworming tablets and essential vitamins instead of carbonated drinks or sugary juices. These small changes contribute to laying the foundation for the children’s healthy growth and bright future.

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