India_Sangsoo Park 2022

India_Sangsoo Park 2022

Thanks to your support, all the children were able to have a healthy and happy life in the first half of the year . 


1.  How your support used to help kids :

 1) Children’s birthday party at 4 orphanages 

   -. Ashiyana Happy Home : 175 children

   -. Lifeline Happy Home : 27 children

   -. Kaleb Happy Home : 43 people

   -. Ruth Home: 19 kids 

 2) provide new clothes, shoes , and school supplies twice a year .

   50% of the total amount was covered by GCF donations 

 3) Goat purchase cost : 30 x 40 = 1,200 USD

It started as a pilot program.

2. Effect of using GCF donations

 1) Birthday parties make kids happier and have more self-esteem .

 2) The clothes are neat and the school supplies are plentiful.

    Kids are studying harder, and the school life is better 

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