Kenya_Kyubo Cho 2022

Kenya_Kyubo Cho 2022

 During the Pandemic, I often visited starving families in the village to help and distribute cornmeal.  When I met several little female orphans who were abandoned by single mothers, my heart was broken and I was truly hoping to start a girls’ orphanage. Amazingly, with the help of GCF Grants, we were able to bring a total of 14 orphans from single mothers from 4 villages and towns, aged 3 to 9 years old. Among them were single mothers who were alcoholics, or those who could not take care of their children because they were in prison, the children of single mothers who disappeared one day after giving birth to their children.  When I first brought them in, it was unbelievable how much food these little girls ate.  I can imagine how hungry they must have been.

Malnutrition is the most common, and there are many other problems with mental, hand caps, and various diseases.  Some were treated at the hospital.

 I am so grateful that a former school teacher named Joyce worked as a nanny and helped to take good care of the children.

  After coming to Joy Holmes, 14 orphans aged 3-9 eat well and are growing well.

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