Bolivia_Cointree 2020

Bolivia_Cointree 2020

School closures across the country in Bolivia continued and the situation did not improve.

In Bolivia, there were school closures all across the country, and this situation failed to improve over time.

In mid-September, the Flower of Hope Education Center began to carefully reopen in order to provide continuous education to children.

As the education center reopened, the local residents, who had suffered hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were happy that their children were now able to eat nutritious lunches.

As a result, the number of enrolled students in the second half of the year was 108, a 15% increase compared to the first half, and 25% of children gained height and weight compared to the first half due to the high-quality meals.

In addition, a system was created to check and supplement the health status on a semi-annual basis with continuous support.

We help children grow healthy.



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