Virginia Branch

Virginia Branch

불우아동돕기 골프대회 (Fundraising Drive Golf Tournament for The GCF Virginia Branch)


빗소식이 계속있어서 많이 걱정했었는데 오히려 덥지도 않고 좋은 날씨속에 대회를 잘마쳤어요.

The GCF Virginia Branch successfully compassed the golf tournament although there was a forecast of raining. We’re so pleased that we were able to culminate the contest well in good weather without getting overheated.



5월7일 일요일 웨스트필드 골프코스에서 많은 골퍼가 참석하셔서 성공적으로 불우아동돕기 골프대회를 잘마쳤습니다. 남자 일등은 정증교 (65), 여자 일등 최찬기 (86), 장타상은 이수미, 근접상은 Kate Lee 씨가 차지했습니다. 

Many golfers attended the Westfield Golf Course on Sunday, May 7, and successfully finished the Golfing for Helping Children in this event. The men’s first prize winner was Jeong-Kyeong Bridge (65), the women’s first prize winner was Chan-Gi Choi (86), the longest drive shot winner was Soo-mi Lee, and the proximity prize was awarded to Kate Lee.