Vietnam_Jungeon Cho 2022

Vietnam_Jungeon Cho 2022

Thanks to the help of GCF, we were able to continue our ministry here around Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, and even added a new ministry AOP (American Alpha Omega Publisher ) program .  After graduation, students receive American high school diplomas.

Students here are from broken families of Korean fathers and Vietnamese Mothers. Because of the abuse and domestic violence, they moved back to Vietnam with their Mothers.   They are called the Hanbei(Korea-Vietnam) family.

Students here study Korean ,  English ,  mathematics , etc.  , as well as extracurricular activities such as  chorus and  art . Among the required liberal arts subjects, Bible study is also included.    Due to these special circumstances, the curriculums are  made  so  that  they  can  develop courage and pride.


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