Orange County Branch

Orange County Branch

지난 7월21일 토요일 오렌지카운티 지부가 새롭게 탄생하여 발족식을 하였습니다…

The Orange County Branch of the GCF was newly launched on Saturday, July 21, 2018.


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“엄마 마음으로 전 세계 고통받는 아동 도와요 (Serving Maltreated Children in the World with the Heart of Mom)” – Translated from The Korea Times


The Global Children Foundation, a group consisting of dedicated mothers who strive to help children who are suffering from economic and social threats around the world, has launched its Orange County Chapter. Fifty associated members were in attendance for the launch in the Korean-American Ethnic Center in Irvine, CA, on July 21, 2018.



“I am very pleased to announce that our collaboration has successfully lead to launch of the Orange County Chapter. There has been continuous cooperation between Wendy You, a chairperson of the Orange County Health and Informative Educational Center, and us for the last decade,” said Young-Jae Yoon, a chairperson of the Orange County Branch. “We’ll work vigorously to help and enlighten children around the world through our seamless efforts.”


“The Global Children’s Foundation has received applauded praise and generous funding from the general public all over the world since it has completed its exemplary financial role and management”, said Kyung-Ae Chung, a chairperson of the executive board members. “Now we have successfully launched the Orange County Branch since the foundation has been its prototypical fulfillment through apparent financial exposition in the communities for the last two decades.” 


“The GCF, an amalgamation of mothers with kind-hearted souls, has managed to gather 4 million dollars from bazaars, walkathons, golf tournaments, flea markets, etc. to donate to children all over the world last year,” said Kyung-Ae Chung, a chairperson of the GCF executive board members.

Several associated members attended this launching ceremony, including the chairperson and members from the San Diego chapter, chairperson Kyung-Ae Chung of the GCF executive board members, chairperson Seo-Hee Lee of the general assembly, chairperson Hee-Seung Ji of the former Western Region, chairperson Seung-Gi Yoo of the Western Region, chairperson Wendy Yoo of the Orange County Health and Informative Educational Center, conductor Young-Hee Lee of the Shalom Choir, vice chairperson Min Kim of the Orange County Korean Community, and Reverend Seung Lak Chung from Bethel Korean Church. 


The Orange County Chapter, which is the 22nd chapter of the Global Children’s Foundation, is running with 20 members, Young Jae Lee as the chairperson, Ok-Hwan Choi as its accountant, and Do-Young Kim as the general secretary. 


The GCF was founded on July 11, 1998, to financially help at-risk children in Korea after the IMF economic crisis. With the sponsorship of 6,000 worldwide members, children from 37 countries around the world have been subsidized. It’s now striving to not only nourish hungry children but to also patronage their education, health, welfare, and specialized guidance.



The foundation’s branches are located in the West—San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orange County,—East—New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Virginia—and Central—Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma—U.S. regions along with Canada and Asia including Hong Kong. The sponsorship fee is $10 per month with the intent of “donating one lunch” and $1,000 for a lifetime membership. To join, please contact Yoon Young-jae, president of the O.C. branch, at (949) 502-1756.