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To end child hunger in the world

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100% of the membership fees goes to helping children around the world.

“To end child hunger in the world”

Founded in 1998, the Global Children Foundation’s mission flows out from the intrinsic love parents have for their children. We strive to offer a brighter future by providing resources for the well-being, education, and guidance of children in need throughout the world.



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Past 25 years, Global Children Foundation has been helping 517,000 children in 50 countries.

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GCF is a volunteer-based organization with 8,000 volunteers in 24 branches.


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New Jersey Branch

New Jersey Branch

Kuba Restaurant 에서 임원회를 하였습니다. 그나마 Virtual Meeting에서 뵐 생각 하니 힘이 납니다. 모두 GCF 화이팅 합니다❤  

Los Angeles Branch

Los Angeles Branch

New Member Orientation 이 있었습니다 . New 회원들이 GCF 에 들어와 지켜야할 지침서와 Mission이 무엇인지 모두 뺏지도 달아두고 정관도 나눠 줬습니다. 또한 오랜만에 만남의 즐거운 시간을 가졌습니다.  ...


Making a donation to GCF is a way of reaching out to a helping hand. By providing even a small donation, you can be part of an effort to stop child hunger. 100% of your money will help feed hungry children all around the world.  (EIN: 52-2114748)