Who we are

Global Children Foundation was established in 1998, following the economic crisis in Korea.

The initial focus of the foundation was to help feed the starving children in Korea and to help those children who were dropping out of school due to their family's economic difficulties.

The foundation was started by Korean-American mothers. Every mother wants what is best for her children especially providing for their basic needs.

As the founders proceeded with their efforts, they realized that children in Korea are not the only ones who need help. In fact there are millions of children around the world who need help with their most basic needs.

GCF is a 501(c)(3) not-profit organization and your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Monthly dues are $10 or more and you can become a life time member by contributing $1,000 or more.

Mission Statement

Global Children Foundation strives to help eliminate child hunger and works for the well-being, education, and guidance for children throughout the world.

Global Children Foundation’s mission flows out of the innate love of parents for their children.

Every parent wants his/her children to be fed and taught because this love is so fundamental, it can be extended to caring for children all around the world.

We strive to to do all we can to help children of the world whose daily needs for food, housing and education are unmet.