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불우아동돕기 골프대회 (Fundraising Drive Golf Tournament for The GCF Virginia Branch)


빗소식이 계속있어서 많이 걱정했었는데 오히려 덥지도 않고 좋은 날씨속에 대회를 잘마쳤어요.

The GCF Virginia Branch successfully compassed the golf tournament although there was a forecast of raining. We're so pleased that we were able to culminate the contest well in good weather without getting overheated.


5월 월례회로 모였습니다 (The GCF Japan Branch got together for its monthly meeting).



2017년에는 GCF를 홍보하기 위하여 여러단체 챨리티에 참여했읍니다.그러나 앞으로는 일본지부 주체 챨리티를 개체하는 방안을 논의했읍니다

The GCF Japan Branch participated in a variety of charity organizations in Japan in order to promote the Global Children Foundation. In addition, discussed for launching charity events sponsored by the GCF Japan Branch.  

윌튼초등 학교에 방문하여 어린이날을 맞이하여 전교생에게 학용품 선물을 나누어주었다.

The GCF LA Branch visited Wilton Elementary School and distributed school supplies for the entire student body on Children's Day.

 회원의날 행사로 벼룩시장을 열었습니다. 25명 정도 참석하셨습니다.

With 25 members participated, the GCF Hong Kong Branch orchestrated a flea market for a membership day event

불우아동들에 전한 한인 사랑

 Delivered Korean Love for At-Risk Children

회원의날 모임 소식을 알려드립니다 이곳 날씨가 추워서 회원의날을 4월29일 갖게되었읍니다. 모임는 Fort Harrison state park 에서 만남을가졌는데요 이번에 새로 가입한몇분의 뉴회원들과 기존회원들간의 맛있는점심과 특별히 줌바선생님을 초빙하여 건강을위한 에어로빅 시간을 즐겁게가졌읍니다. 그리고 아주멋있는 하이킹코스가 여러군데있는데 그중 한곳을 선택하여 즐거움을 만끽하면서 GCF 의 대한 소망과 비젼에대하여 대화을하며 즐겁고 행복한 회원의날을 마치었읍니다 .

Here is our latest update of the membership meeting. The weather here was cold, so we had planned the membership day to take place on April 29th at the Fort Harrison State Park. With new and existing members, Indiana Branch enjoyed the aerobics especially with the Zumba instructor and shared a delicious lunch. There were also several great hiking trails, one of which we chose to partake in to talk about our goals and visions for the GCF. Overall, it was a remarkably joyful membership day.


참여해주시고 수고해주신 임원님들 회원님들 감사드립니다 (Thank you to those participating members and executives). 


북가주 제1회 신사임당으로 선정되심을 축하드립니다

Hee-Rae Park, executive board member of the GCF, was delegated as the first Northern California Shin Sa Im Dang, a role model of good parenting and family education. Congratulations!

발달장애인돕기 행사에서 김밥을 나누었읍니다.

The GCF LA Branch distributed Kim Bob at the Disabled Children's Event.

4/20 금요일 회원의날 로 정하여 최선을 다하여 준비하여 주신 임원및 회원들과 후원자분들 함께 보람있게 행사를 잘 마치게 되었음의 소식을 알립니다.

 We are pleased to inform you that the members and supporters who attended for membership day which was held on April 20 had prepared for the best and had done well together.


  회원의날 축하인사로 뉴욕 총영사님 ,방숙자 명예 이사장님 & 동부 지역 회장님께서 와주셔서 축하말씀으로실어주셨고요, 또한 뉴져지 지부 회장님 & 임원 분들께서도 함께 참석하여 주셔서 새힘을 불어 넣어 주시어 회원의 날 행사를 감사함으로끝내었습니다.

  The New York Consul General, Sook-Ja Bang as the honorary chairperson, the eastern regional chairperson , and the New Jersey Branch chairperson and its executives came to congratulate the GCF New York Branch membership day.



글로벌어린이재단-나눔의 바자회 (Global Children Foundation-Bazaar of Partaking)