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시카고 지부에서 어제 6/20(수) 불우아동돕기 골프대회를 최적의 날씨가운데 성황리에 마쳤습니다. 골프대회 72명의 골퍼들이 참석하였고 회원님들의 많은 섬김의 한마음으로 큰 행사를 하게 됨을 감사합니다.

The GCF Chicago Branch successfully accomplished for the Disadvantaged Children’s Golf Tournament on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 in the best weather. Thank you to those 72 golfers who participated and to members who supported with one heart.

불우 아동 돕기 기금마련 골프대회( The GCF Golf Tournament for Underprivileged Children)

불우 아동 돕기 자선 음악회 (Charity Concert for Indigent Children)

HQ 이사회 보도자료: The Press Release of The Executive Board Meeting



글로벌어린이재단(이사장: 정경애)는 6월 1일부터 2일까지 2일에 걸쳐 LA에 있는NEW SEOUL HOTEL에서 20명의 이사, 후원이사,고문들이 모여 2018년도 정기 이사회를 주최했다. 이번 이사회에서는2017년도 결산보고와 2019년도 예산, 사업 계획 및 후원기관들을 결정하였다.

The Global Children’s Foundation executive board members, Kyung-Ae Chung as a chairperson, hosted their annual board meeting at the New Seoul Hotel in L.A. from June 1-2, 2018. Various tasks were approved during this meeting, including the 2017 comprehensive reports, the budget plans for 2019, the projected project reviews, and the eligible sponsored organizations.

 Fundraising Drive Golf Tournament for the Global Children Foundation Michigan Branch

 Fundraising Drive Golf Tournament for Global Children Foundation Chicago Branch

불우아동돕기 골프대회 (Fundraising Drive Golf Tournament for The GCF Virginia Branch)


빗소식이 계속있어서 많이 걱정했었는데 오히려 덥지도 않고 좋은 날씨속에 대회를 잘마쳤어요.

The GCF Virginia Branch successfully compassed the golf tournament although there was a forecast of raining. We're so pleased that we were able to culminate the contest well in good weather without getting overheated.


5월 월례회로 모였습니다 (The GCF Japan Branch got together for its monthly meeting).



2017년에는 GCF를 홍보하기 위하여 여러단체 챨리티에 참여했읍니다.그러나 앞으로는 일본지부 주체 챨리티를 개체하는 방안을 논의했읍니다

The GCF Japan Branch participated in a variety of charity organizations in Japan in order to promote the Global Children Foundation. In addition, discussed for launching charity events sponsored by the GCF Japan Branch.  

윌튼초등 학교에 방문하여 어린이날을 맞이하여 전교생에게 학용품 선물을 나누어주었다.

The GCF LA Branch visited Wilton Elementary School and distributed school supplies for the entire student body on Children's Day.

 회원의날 행사로 벼룩시장을 열었습니다. 25명 정도 참석하셨습니다.

With 25 members participated, the GCF Hong Kong Branch orchestrated a flea market for a membership day event