Mexico_1 2019


Thanks to support from the Global Children’s Fund, we have been blessed with the opportunity to provide a daily nutritious meal to more than 60 children in the village of San Antonio Sodzil. Within our village,children fight against malnutrition and food insecurity, which manifests through growth stunting, high prevalence of diabetes, poor dental health, and childhood obesity. Through support from the Global Children’s Fund we have been given the capacity to provide complete, balanced meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, tortillas from our local vendor, and vitamin supplements to children from preschool to sixth grade.

Our program has also become a collaborative effort between the community members and our organization. First, all of our fresh ingredients are sourced from local vendors--our produce, tortillas, meat, and tortillas all come from vendors within our community. Second, we currently have a rotational cycle of 41 mothers who volunteer daily to help administer the program. They have formed teams to serve the food and maintain the cafeteria space. Finally, we employ two women in the community to prepare the meals every day. The program truly belongs to the community and we have seen families empowered to take ownership of their children’s health. Both parents and children know that they can count on at least one nutritious meal a day and many mothers have expressed gratitude for the benefits that this program has brought to their families. This year we are also grateful to have Missionary Cesiah Romero as director of the program. She leads and mentors a small team of local youth, who also help her plan and execute the nutrition program in our village.

Thank you so much for your continued support.