Lebanon 2019


Syrian Refugee Training Program (For young Kurds and Arabs) This is a program where we hire Syrian teenagers to teach children and give them spiritual training. There is a young person who has been working for three years and is now in charge of the nursery school. The new staff members who come in as refugees get settled in quickly and mature as well. These children come with no future nor hope, and then they start to recover their self-confidence. I am thankful that they are growing and developing into great human beings who will contribute positively in society. We are planting the vision for them to become the new leaders of future Syria.

Our center was started about 5 years ago, on April, 2015 with 10 children. Now this center is more than just for children, for we cater to teenagers, mothers, young adults, and other groups. We are thankful that as these children and mothers start to develop their faith, it spreads into their family members outside of the center, and whole families start to become believers in God. I pray that this trend continues.

Sister R who came into the center a year and a half ago has a family who’s employed at a farm. Sister R is the eldest daughter, and she was brought to the center to be hired as a teen staff member. She started to join a Bible study group and became a believer. She spread the gospel to her younger siblings, and then eventually to her parents. Now her whole family have accepted the Lord as their Savior. Their family dynamic changed completely after this. They no longer lived a miserable life as refugees, but confesses that God led them to Lebanon in order for them to hear the gospel.

Sister R has a vision to return to Syria to spread the gospel to the people in her nation. Her parents and siblings share in this vision and are praying together.