Guatemala: 2- 2018



Dramatic Changes in Guatemala

After having served in this community for the past five years, we’ve come to notice that the mood of not only the children but also the community as a whole has shifted quite a lot. It was a very devastating moment when we first came to this town. The whole village was impoverished. The poverty was being inherited from generation to generation with no end in sight making it seem socially acceptable for the members of the community to simply give up on their lives. Due to these overwhelming circumstances, children felt more obligated to work on farms to make ends meet for their family rather than attend school. Thus, the attendance rate was less than 50% and only 5% of the student body was committed to going to middle school. Even though they completed their elementary school education, nothing had seemed to change.


                                                        (Delightful moment of their lives)

However, there was a dramatic change. After the GCF came to assist the community five years ago, the attendance rate is now at 90% with 80% of the student body attending middle school. We were able to witness glimmers of hope finally emanating from the parents and the townspeople for the possibilities and growth of their children to succeed beyond comprehension. Your prayers and financial contributions are deeply seeded in this land, and for that, we thank you. Praise the Lord, who made this dream come true. We strongly believe that since He started this mission, He will lead us to fulfill His will.