El Salvador 2017

El Salvador

El Salvador (Hwang Young-jin)


I call children the future dream tree.


I am a big mama in this neighborhood. I am hungry when I go out to the neighborhood, and children who are sick of snacks! Kanji! Kanji! bread! bread! bread! Shouting. When children are not disappointed, they always fill their pouches with food in the car, and when they share them, they spread their smiles on the faces of the children who become sweaty.


The small and poor mountain town Pororejos is the center of the motherhood. There are many children here. I was shocked to investigate my family situation. Most of them were single mothers, children living in relatives' houses. The reason is that violence, erroneous sex culture, and sexual assault have caused the child to be born at a young age and the vicious cycle of being abandoned is repeated.


I am thankful to the Global Children's Foundation for supporting these children to eat free meals every day, to fill up their hunger and love, and to care for the health between the physical and spiritual. In this place where there is no healthy cultural space, children are playing a healthy culture with sports and play such as Taekwondo, table tennis, soccer, basketball. I call these children who are praying and caring for English, computer, art and Bible study to be a balanced leader through after school, and I call them dream trees of the future.