Guatemala: Quetzaltenango 2017

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (Missionary Soon Jin Kang)


Children and teens free meal on the street (Saturday morning)

It has been a year and half since we started providing free meals in the streets on Saturday mornings for the children who are living in poverty in single mother households, and for children and youth who are living an unstable life by shining shoes or peddling goods after they had been captured by police and returned to this place upon released. Just one meal a week is too meager to relieve their hunger and thirst, but it started out with the desire to share, at least, that it was not a walk alone.


Children going for food first due to hunger (free lunch on street )


Lunch at the church


In the past three years, it was a great pleasure for us to be able to dream and to share the warm heart and the assets, which only those who experienced hardships and difficult times can give, with the children of these families that have hardened heart. Thank you. We are again grateful. We love and bless all mothers of GCF who have given love to children in inescapable poverty..

11/ 14/ 2017 


From Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


Children gathering on the stool


Let children open their hearts with praise