Mongolia 2017


From Priest Damiano, Yoon Chul Byun at Bayanhoshuu St. Sophia Catholic Church, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Outdoor outings - Following last year, we went on outdoors with the study room and local children this year. The place is Terelj National Park, 80 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar. All the children, study room teachers, and staff members, who have been together for a year went along. We had a wonderful day and spent a whole day enjoying the program and watching the beautiful scenery of the surroundings while eating packed lunch and snack together.


Our children have been happy with the donations you have made over the past year. The donation that you sent, while you do not know our children’s faces, become a daily bread for children and it was also a joy. They were able to get hope in a piece of bread that we could share at the study room and church. On behalf of all the children and employees, I would like to express that we are deeply grateful to GCF in helping children with mother's heart.