Zambia 2017


Zambia (Priest Jong Yong Kim)

Rainbow Free Lunch Program in Cangkor Longko, Zambia


What men live by?
Greetings! I greet you from Mahnyama which is 700 km away from Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. It has been 3 years since we started our free meal program. In the past three years, in the love of GCF mothers, many children were able to grow up with dreams and hopes. This year, especially with the help of nearby hospital doctors and the help of local residents, we were able to provide meals to children in a more difficult environment. I have come to realize once again what a person is living through the precious love given to children suffering from malnutrition, children with disabilities who are not properly cared for, and children suffering from diseases. The children were able to feel the hard work of the gentlemen who worked hard until the bread was available, and by sharing bread they learned to share their lives and learn to give their heart. Not only did it fill the hunger of the flesh, but also the love and precious sacrifice contained in it. I hope that this sharing of love will continue to flourish like a flame that will not go away. I hope that your love in the laughter of the children keeps the hope that these children will become the adults and become the precious bases that will shine the world better.