Guatemala 2 2017

Association Galilea (Missionary Chung Su Jeon / Do Un Kim)


Galilean Mission Community


The missionary school of the Galilean missionary community is the only private school in Chi-sexy, which is operated with a monthly payment of 20 to 25 dollars a month and is naturally rated as a prestigious school. About 70 out of 350 students are scholars who are exempted from full tuition. It is thanks to the support of various mission agencies. As we spent the year ending this year, the missionaries of our community have made a huge new resolution.


In addition to registering one child per 27 households in the backyard as a full scholarship from next year, we will also provide 50% of the tuition fee to 10 students who graduate from our high school and enter college or graduate school.


After making this decision, we were filled with joy and gratitude from the Lord in the face of our missionaries.


Here at Chisek we divided over 250 piglets a year with the help of GCF 's pig ministry and distributed the aboriginal corn to a poor family through the involvement of many missions teams. They also plant mango trees and give wooden beds as presents. We are lending the land to plant corn. This year, I visited about 1,200 outpatients at the clinic and visited the town with a short-term mission medical team and treated about 1,400 people. 250 in the dental clinic, and 169 in acupuncture.


In addition, our community has three children's churches (one is under construction) and one youth chapel in the city of Chisek, and worship services on Sunday.


Evangelism in Central and South America, where the Catholic faith is rooted historically, is the best way to evangelize children who do not know the religious conflict with Protestantism.


We are happy. But I also feel pain that I can not share.


We will give them dreams and hope to make them followers of Jesus (Seguidores).


Thank you for your help.