Korea 2017

사랑의 친구들

2017 Local Children's Seoul Invitation

April 19 ~ 21, 73 children from Hwasun Gun, Jeonnam visited Seoul




The event, which was held for the 18th time, will be held on April 19th ~ 21th, with 73 children from Dreamland Children's Center, Shinhwa District Children's Center, Elite District Children's Center, Big Love Area Children's Center, Where I wanted to go, I wanted to do things for two nights and three days.


On the first day, the children walked freely through the center of Seoul from Cheonggyecheon to Gwanghwamun and Gyeongbok Palace, and had time to see and experience the past and present coexistence. In the evening, children who were awkward at the first meeting had time to reconcile and reconcile through recreation.


On the second day, I visited the Yongsan War Memorial, the National Museum of Korea, and the National Children's Museum to get acquainted with history. Especially, at the National Children's Museum of Korea, children were able to experience our traditional history by learning to touch the model artifacts at the height of the children's eyes and to experience various traditional games. On the last night in Seoul, I visited the aquarium and observation deck of 63 City to see the marvelous marine life, and to have a glimpse of the sparkling night view of Seoul.


On the last day of the Seoul invitation event, we visited Everland, a children's favorite park in Yongin, and finished the day with a fun and relaxing time by watching rides, safari and tulip-filled gardens and various parades.